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Cool Fog Ride

I was lucky enough to hook up with Brian and Kathrin ('s talented web designer) and do an awesome combination xootr, mountain bike, and ferry boat ride the Sunday before a demand response conference in Berkeley in June 2006. The ride started at Brian and Kathrin's loft and headed over toward the Golden Gate bridge, Brian loaned me his Xootr so I could get over to the bike rental shop where he'd found an awesome mountain bike to rent. We took off from there and headed over the Golden Gate Bridge to the Marin Headlands ( where we did a cool mountain bike ride. It seemed every time we were climbing we were in cool fog and every time we descended we were in the sun! After sampling a bit of legal singletrack at the end of the off road section, we headed over to Sausalito and caught the ferry back to the Embarcadero, passing the infamous Alcatraz! We returned the bike and headed back home and were ready for a major feast! I have to hand it to the folks in the Bay Area for protecting their open space so there is such great recreational opportunity within easy riding distance of a major city.


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