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Tour de Todos Santos

Here is a grueling set of three significant climbs of mountain passes in Southern California members of the Board of Directors of the Bicycle Commuter Coalition of the Inland Empire rode this year. We rode them all this year on three long Saturdays! If you are an animal and want to stitch them together into some sort of masochistic 360 mile epic tour, they will grace you with all the beauty of Southern California and all the heat of a frying pan! These rides use significant portions of State Highway network so thank Cal Trans for all the great shoulders and be sure to ask for more cycling facilities and share the road signs! The three Saint loops and approximate climb stats are listed below with known organized rides which encompass these routes in quotations and our dubbed names for the others.   

Southern California Mountain Range
(Highest Point) 
Organized Ride Name    Distance    Climb(ft)
San Bernardino Range
(Onyx Summit 8443ft)
Breathless Agony    112 Miles    12,000
San Gabriel Range
(Dawson Saddle 7900ft)
Dubbed Caltrans Century    127 Miles    12,232
San Jacinto Range
(Pine Cove 6200ft)
Dubbed Taquitz Climb    100 Miles    7,500

All rides start in the East Valley, either San Bernardino or Redlands. The organized ride Breathless Agony by Santiago Cycling is the ride that started this quest and now Todos Santos is complete. Ironically the Idyllwild climb seemed to go on the longest… almost 5000 vertical in 20 miles! We did the ascent up from the south east and were lucky we did as on the way down we heard they were evacuating hikers from the area due to flash flooding from thunderstorms which closed in behind us. The approximate routes we traveled and profiles are shown below. If you are planning to ride these, do so at your own risk and bring lots of water if you are going self supported like we were. Fuel stops (good restaurants) in Wrightwood on the San Gabriel Range, Angelus Oaks on the San Bernardino Range and Idyllwild on the San Jacinto Range were welcome respites!

Maps (will take some time to download)
Map Overview Todos Santos
Breathless Agony Ride: Route | 3D
Caltrans Century: Route | 3D
Taquitz Climb: Route | 3D


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