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Fascinating new research: The fact that increases in biking and walking actually improve the safety of bikers and walkers with respect to car collisions as car drivers tend to drop sloppy driving habits. These folks have the art and science of car free cities down to an art!

Icebike: commuting for the serious winter bikecommuter. I can tell you about riding in 115 degree heat, but these folks have the subzero cycling edge on me!!

SFBike: San Franciso's bike coalition, they have a lot together including a fabulous bikeable map of the city complete with slope info.

Adventure Cycling: for when you have an itching to get out to the Territory Ahead! They have the big rides down. Mountainbike their Great Divide route from Canada to Mexico!

The Boston Courier Objective Group: This organization is dialed into being there for bike messengers in the greater Boston Area. Making a living on a bike is the ultimate, and this messenger group delivers.

The DC Bicycle Courier Association: This organization is dialed into being there for bike messengers in the greater DC area. Making a living on a bike is the ultimate, and this messenger group delivers. PS their webmaster is cool and is my new Jedi Master.

The International Federation of Bike Messenger Associations: HQ in San Francisco, this org has everything and anything a messenger looking to get hooked up nationally or internationally would need. Sounds like the world championships are in Europe this year!

Victoria Transport Policy Institute: A very interesting transport policy site with fantastic, in depth analysis of the true cost of various transport modes! Transport Demand Management is detailed on this site as well as great analysis of the costs of car dependance. The banner for the website even includes a skateboard! Yesss skateboarding is not a crime!

Bikes Belong: An organization dedicated to bridging the gap between government, cyclists and manufacturers.

League of American Bicyclists: One of the largest bike advocacy organizations in the country with I think the only certified training course for cycling instructors. Bike Ed has programs for Kids, Young Adults, and Adults. Not to mention a comprehensive list of events nationwide and a DC Presence for national advocacy.

Pete Hickey: Winter Commuter. I just checked out this guys' site and he has some great info from his 12 years of winter bike commuting experience. Click on his hyperlink cycle-commute in the winter for the best how to tips I've read on keeping it real and safe! The button gets you to a few frozen photos.

Pedal Express: This collective of bicycle delivery organizations can handle up to 500lb loads. Their moto is burn fat not oil!!!

Paul Dorn's Commuting Tips: This guy can ride and has a comprehensive list of bike links and a cool list of reasons to own more than one bike! He's a writer at UC Davis, so if anyone needs bike PR I'd say he's your man.

The Transport Web: The Information Service for the Transport Industry - these folks have the most comprehensive worldwide database of cycling resources I've seen.

Riders Wanted: - Click on this link to download a cool screen saver spoof ad ala "drivers wanted" from VW, kinda puts a cool Bikecommuter twist on things, enjoy. A kindred spirit who has a great biker log book for everyone to register their commutes and see who else is out there doing the good ride!

Pedals for Progress

Breezer Bikes: Transportation for a healthy America (Joe Breeze walks his talk and has really designed some cool city bikes to go anywhere, any time, in the big city!)

Get Dialed in to the fuel efficiency movement: Hit this link to learn more about gas guzzlin SUV(K)'s links to oil insecurity.

It all adds up to cleaner air

Bike Metro: Bike routes in LA, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

Air quality benefits of bike patrols in LA.

A must ride link: Sea to sea trail from Del Mar to Salton Sea!

Another cool link with online smart riding tutorial

30 days on a McDonalds Diet

Graphs of world bicycle production

Bicycle sales top 100 million in 2000

History of Federal Highway Administration started by bicyclists looking for better riding roads!

Bush and Gore mountain bike ride Kokopelli trail....

A local Redlands Couple is doing an unassisted trans-USA bicycle trip to raise money for their afterschool tutoring center. Mustard Seed Tuturial Center! I met them on my bike commute to work one morning and figured I'd do what I could to support their effort. I want to be in their shape when I'm in my sixties!

Cool new research that supports the idea of reducing time spent in motorized vehicles. It correlates time spent driving with percent risk of weight gain and the results will be published August 2004. You heard it here first!

Lancet Journal article linking TV watching with smoking and obesity. Get rid of your TV and you reduce the chances you or your children will be obese or take up smoking. Obesity and smoking make it hard to bike commute, so getting rid of your TV might just increase the odds you can be a bikecommuter some day. [PDF]

Now here's a way to increase tourism, encourage carfree travel! To get complete information on the 2004 Santa Barbara Car Free Vacation Package (and hundreds of car free options), visitors may sign up to receive a special map and full details by clicking on this link!

Cycling resources: a directory of Cycling related websites

Mike Flanigan is a bicycle frame builder, building bicycles for transportation, calls his shop *A*lternative *N*eeds *T*ransportation {A.N.T.}. Check it out, gotta love the head tube medallion!

First biodiesel, now a soy based chain lube, are you sure a petroleum free utopia isn't just around the next switchback?

Here's a link for cyclists interested making an international symbol of Peace. Think Peace and Practice it!

* Hazardous Air Pollutants*
# Based on EPA's most current data , this county ranked among the dirtiest/worst 10% of all counties in the US in terms of the number of people living in areas where cancer risk from hazardous air pollutants exceeds 1 in 10,000.

* 1,674,997 people in SAN BERNARDINO County face a cancer risk more than 100 times the goal set by the Clean Air Act.
* 86% of the air cancer risk is from mobile sources
* 14% of the air cancer risk is from area
* 0.58% of the air cancer risk is from point
# What's your risk?
# Learn more about hazardous air pollutants in your community

This is a cool visibility enhancing glove that I am trying out.

Here's a cool link to FHWA resources which promote bicycle and pedestrian safety. Make sure your local transportation office has seen these!

NREL and Benteler have teamed up to produce a catalytic converter that is cheaper and eliminates cold start emmissions at the same time! No more excuses Clean Air NOW!
Or click here to view text

A 900 mile per gallon vehicle is probably in your garage, you didn't even know it! Click this link to find out more.

I was shopping for some Specialized Armadillos for my commuter and came across a local boy flyin' for Specialized! Kyle Strait can catch huge air, a Redlands, CA native met some cool racers during the Redlands Bicycle Classic and got mainlined on an awesome career, one tip Kyle, bail on the driver's license, just ride everywhere! Congratulations.

Pacific Electric Line Trail linking Claremont to Rialto.

Redlands Rail Trail Project Connection the Santa Ana River Trail to Downtown Redlands and Mentone.

Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition and FHWA have teamed up to create this great, online police officer training program -- forward this link to every police officer and police chief you know.

Bicycle chosen as best invention:
Listeners to Radio 4's You and Yours programme have voted the humble bike as their number one invention.

You know about BOB's cool trailers. Now check out the Cello, it turns the BOB into a bike transporter so that you can ship everything in one unit when you are done with your adventure!

A link to snow biking

If this is not the coolest thing since sliced bread. You wanna go some where? Call a tandem taxi and get there as fast as you can stoke! Katya and I have been trying out the cyclemorph and I am really getting fired up about trying a tandem taxi service for folks who want to try riding or utility biking but may not know exactly what kind of bike to buy just yet.

So you're ready to get beyond car dependancy or want to visit a car-free city to see what a beauty life is without one! Here is a comprehensive list of places in the world that do not allow cars. Now they are on to something! If your city has a car-free area, let wikipedia know about it.

Champion Courier Link Description: Champion Courier is providing its courier delivery services in Seattle, Everett, Tacoma, Bellevue, Federal Way and Redmond since 1991. If you need to move stuff in Seattle quick, look them up!

Practice the way of the bikecommuter and you shall live long and prosper!

Every thought about how much power you generate when you are hammering, plug in this module to your windtrainer and turn yourself into a human powered generator. If you must ride indoors, use that time to make electricity!

Great ideas, free to print and distribute at will. Help grow your local bike culture with these cool flyers.

Tired of being doored, need some openspace in your urban streetscape, check out these folk's how to manual for rededication PARK(ing) for humans. Very cool stuff, perhaps this could catch on.

Check out Monday, April 17, 2006! Brent Chapman and the Velo Bellas encouraged my daughter to try the crit this year and she had fun! We wish all the racers the best in their season and will keep up the bikecommuting training regimen!

Cyclists and pedestrians have a legal right to access every destination reachable by public roads. This means that they deserve safe accommodation on every road and across every intersection. Non-motorized travel must not be prohibited except where controlled-access expressways provide service that is completely redundant to safe and efficient routes for non-motorized users. Accommodation of cyclists and pedestrians must be provided via safe, lawful and courteous behavior by other road users and by appropriate engineering of roadways.

Matt Simmons, an oil industry analyst and banker taking a serious look at what peak oil means and when it is going to happen. $500/barrel oil if one Saudi field goes down? May not be far off, enjoy the ride. Redefine your transportation sector with your wallet. Spend more on bicycles and locally produced stuff and less on cheap foreign stuff subsidized by oil. Thanks Matt, keep up the good work.

Ride Clean, a great idea for such an intrinsically clean sport, no gnarly emmissions to breath, why mess it up with junk, enjoy the ride Clean!

What better way to draw attention to the fact that on a bike you are exposed to the elements than to ride exposed? There appears to be a global awakening to the fact that oil/car culture and its toxic byproducts are far from bike and pedestrian culture friendly... from noisy 2000 lb hunks of metal, to millions of pounds of toxic emmissions that we have to breathe on our bikes worldwide --- so these folks are doing something pretty creative about it.

Tom Ritchey and some mountain bikers are working with Rwanda to assist in recovery.

An all terrain load carrying bicycle for affordable mobility worldwide:

Cycle and Fashion mix it up at Pret a Rouler courtesy of Velorution!

Is bike commuting as good as drugs for combatting depression..? Here's a study that reviews new research showing that exercise is just as good as drugs for some folks!

Around the world ON 100% human power! Check out Colin and Julie's latest adventures and DVD's. I believe Colin has the distinction of being the first to circumnavigate the world on 100% human power. The Arctic Mountain biking images are phenomenal. Hats off to Julie as the first woman to complete a continent to continent human powered crossing of the Atlantic!

DIY bike shops improving the fabric of life in Los Angeles and the World through the awesome power of bikes and their riders! Ride on! Our lungs in the IE are giving huge props to you!

You may not have heard, but electric bikes are emerging worldwide. This site is dedicated to the beauty of human powered bicycles and I've been on the fence about the technology for a long time, but Doug puts an interesting spin on the market (pun intended) in this article and the black cruiser retrofit is pretty darn nice. So in the spirit of hybrids enjoy. It is pretty cool to see folks bagging 40 mile commutes on beach cruisers!

Walking Safety Rules


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