Urban Cycling Maps and Movies: Click on the share the road logo to go to map resources or download a PDF map of their turf. I dedicate this page to the unsung heroes and heroines of urban zero emmission courier services. Support your local Bike Messenger Association! Check out all the maps and email which you think is best and I will send a "you crank" award to the winning city!
Boston, MA (Rubel cranks out a pretty good bike map for the city of Boston, order yours today! Sorry, can't find a free map of Boston yet...)
Chicago, IL (Heard raves about this map, still not on the web though, the link will get you close.)
Denver, CO (I have a free PDF of Boulder, CO my alma mater - Denver sells their map for $6 trying to get em' to put it up as a PDF for free. Denver map @
Minneapolis, MN (This is a cool free downtown map which shows bike parking facilites!)
New York, NY (This is a killer free PDF showing all five boroughs).
Portland, OR (This is a great free PDF).
San Bernardino County, CA (This is a great free PDF). Actually it is a draft of the countywide bike plan for the largest county in the country, I can't load all 195 pages so the first 10 pages or so are here with some great maps. Coming soon!
San Francisco, CA (This is a great free PDF).
Seattle, WA (This is an OK PDF map of North Seattle big county maps available free at ).
Vancouver, BC (This is a cool free PDF map).
Movie: Missoula, MT Freebike days! A kickin' bike fest courtesy of Martin Krieg NBG. Want fun, just add bikes.
Washington DC: Draft of proposed masterplan bikeways and routes (PDF, 2MB).


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