Bike Anatomy
This is an anotated anatomy of my trusty ride (10 years and over 20,000 commuter miles) and easily as many recreational and offroad miles. These are a few of the things I have found useful when turning a bike into a sport utility vehicle. I suggest having at least one bike that is easy to ride with any type of clothing and footwear on and you'll find yourself hopping on and riding a whole lot more often. Trips to the local store don't have to require a complete suit up with riding gear and special shoes, save that for the epic rides and the centuries when you really need it. For round trip commutes longer than 10-20 miles, consider suiting up and keeping a change of clothes at the office, for anything less, regular work clothes will suffice. I am migrating my wardrobe toward the Railrider company's pants and shirts because they last forever, they dry fast, and they look reasonably dressy for all but the stuffiest shirt and tie days. I have ridden with a suit and wingtips but would suggest leaving the coat at the office unless it is cold. Future anatomy pages will discuss cold weather gear, Bike bag essentials, Commuter pack essentials and other items. Remember winter is arriving so make sure to get the light gear set up!


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