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Winter on the C&O Canal in Washington DC

I borrowed my hip mother-in-law Linda's hybrid and did some damage back East this winter. The funky alien bell actually came in real handy when riding DC's ubiquitous bike trails. It also served as an excellent roughness meter when I hit the trail. A little ways into the trail the poor bike sounded like it was going to give up the ghost so I shortened my single track to about 2 miles of the Cabin John Trail which is actually a sweet 15 mile trail if you do the whole thing. It was about 12 miles from Linda's house to the trailhead via the Custis Trail to the Key Bridge to Georgetown and the C& O Trail. Take that up to the Capital Crescent trail ride that to McArthur Blvd and then ride that out past Glen Echo Park to the Cabin John Trailhead, when you finish that trail, cross the bridge, turn right down a stepped dirt trail under a road and link back up around Loch 8 or 9 on the C & O again. It was in the mid twenties to low thirties when I was riding there, and I must say wearing something warm on your knees is essential, otherwise you get creaky after a few hours of riding. Lots of people were out running and ice skating along the C&O (center photo is me ON the canal). If you want to ride, be sure to wear ear warmers, a wind proof stuff, and something warm on your hands and knees. ENJOY. (One of these days I am going to have to visit my good friend Jeff in Minnesota and try some sub-zero biking, I may need chains for that!) More info at


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